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English department convocation, CU Boulder, May I thought this would be a good chance to reflect on my MFA experience in general, and on what I've done and not done since finishing the program. A few people have asked me whether I recommend getting an MFA, and I can't say unequivocally yes or no. As a fantasy and science fiction writer, I think it's probably far more useful to go to the genre-focused workshops like Clarion , Taos Toolbox , Odyssey , or CSSF , or even just to spend a bunch of time in genre-focused critique groups such as Critters or Codex.

Even at CU Boulder, which was a genre-friendly program, a lot of the teachers and other students valued very different things about writing than genre folks do, and that's not always going to help your writing move in the direction it needs to go. In the first class, instructor Gregory Frost said he would go over some basic writing craft concepts, so I just sat back and thought "I don't need to take notes, I've been teaching basic writing craft for the last three years. I was workshopping a new novel, but three days into the class, I realized all the structural problems in the novel I'd written as my MFA thesis—all the reasons it kept getting agent requests that turned into rejections once they read halfway through.

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I ditched the project I had brought and did major revisions on my thesis novel instead. Same with CSSF. Most of my classmates got in without that experience, but I , personally, needed it, to figure out what kind of a writer I wanted to be.

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And I'm lucky to have done any of them at all—these things are not cheap, and they're not easy. I also wouldn't have my publishing job without my MFA, not because of the credential, necessarily, but because of the experience, especially the Publishing Workshop I did with Subito Press. Interestingly enough, the experience of formatting my thesis, which I thought was utterly obnoxious and useless at the time, gave me skills I use on almost a daily basis now when formatting paperbacks for World Weaver Press.

That's a strangely common phenomenon in writing programs.

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Some people stop writing entirely, whether because they no longer have deadlines and grades for motivation, or because they're burnt out, or because life gets in the way and they no longer have time. My publishing output has definitely decreased since I graduated, and there are several reasons for that. The decision of the curriculum committee is final. At the pre-thesis review the graduate student must present and discuss ideas regarding their upcoming thesis exhibition, the presentation of the work, its setup and dates and present a written thesis abstract and bibliography. The thesis abstract and bibliography must be submitted to the committee no later than two weeks prior to the pre-thesis review.

Failure to present these materials on time will move the pre-thesis review to the following semester and the graduate student will not be permitted to register for thesis hours. All committee members must sign the pre-thesis review form after the successful review, authorizing the Graduate Program Coordinator to register the graduate student for thesis credit hours. Graduate Teacher Program The Graduate Teacher Program is a division of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder that helps graduate students perform effectively as graduate teaching assistants TAs and graduate part-time instructors GPTIs , while at the same time helping them develop skills to serve in the professoriate once they attain their graduate degrees.

We also help masters and doctoral students transition to careers in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

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Because teaching preparation is preparation for any career—organization, planning, presenting, evaluating, and working in teams are essential skills for managers in any setting—research assistants, students on fellowships, and self-supporting students are encouraged to participate in Graduate Teacher Program activities. Graduate Certificates Graduate certificates are available in a variety of departments across campus. A certificate usually consists of four additional courses taken in a department outside of your home department.


While graduate certificates are not requred to attain a graduate degree in Art History, a few certificates that may be of interest to art and art history students include:. Her will stipulates that the flat be made available to faculty and graduate students in the humanities and the arts, and that its operation be entrusted to the Center for Humanities and the Arts and its director.

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The flat is arranged so that two independent parties may stay there at the same time, if necessary. You must apply one year in advance. It serves the campus community as a whole by providing opportunities to enhance cultural awareness and celebrate diversity.

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The DSCC is committed to facilitating programs and resources that contribute to the intellectual, cultural, social, ethical and personal growth of all students. Their office is located in UMC All users must register and show a current photo ID upon their first visit to the reading room. The reading room is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.

You can also request copies and scans of materials. Established in , the Archives holds internationally renowned manuscript, photograph, records and media collections relating to Colorado, the Rocky Mountain West and transnational subjects. It also serves as a repository for the records of the University of Colorado Boulder. UGGS is committed to enhancing the graduate student experience at the University by interacting with the University administration and the University of Colorado Student Government CUSG concerning issues such as financial aid, graduate stipends, health care, tuition and fees and graduate student well-being.

Graduate students from each department and program are solicited to serve on the UGGS Assembly, ensuring a diverse and complete representation of the graduate student body. Search Enter the terms you wish to search for. Other ways to search: Events Calendar Campus Map.

MFA Art Practices. The MFA program is a two and half year program. The degree requires a minimum of 54 credit hours of coursework, of which 36 credit hours must be taken in residence on the Boulder campus, with the following requirements.

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Home studio major area : 12 credit hours minimum. Electives: 21 credit hours studio and non-studio ; up to 6 credit hours may be taken in an allied field at the level or above. Independent study courses may not be used to fulfill these requirements. This includes any ARTH course at the level or above. A list of courses that fulfill the theory requirement is approved by the Graduate Curriculum Committee or Studio Arts Curriculum Committee and maintained by the graduate program coordinator. Students or faculty members may petition the Committee to have courses added to this list.


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Film critical studies is defined as an ARTF non-studio course at the level or above. Visiting Artist Seminar: 3 credit hours. Graduate Art Seminar: 3 credit hours Thesis: 6 credit hours. Sequence of Completion. Faculty Committee.

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  5. This petition must be made at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled pre-thesis or thesis committee meeting. First Semester Review. The committee will meet with the student at the completion of the first semester, in order to give feedback to the student with regard to progress towards the degree. The first semester review is meant to be instructional; no formal recommendations are given by the committee.