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I hired him for my second attempt, and passed! I chose his "a la carte" program which provided me with tools I believe were essential in passing the exam. It's very easily digestible and it was my "bible" during bar prep. Steven's PT Class lectures were also extremely helpful. We talked about knowing how many issues the PTs test on every PT exam ever which made it so helpful to know if I was identifying too many or not enough issues. He also gave great time-saving advice for how to go through all of the information provided in a PT.

I think the most important part of this program for me was the 11 day memorization plan. I had a very similar experience. This was so important because my problem on my first try was issue spotting. With Steven's memorization plan, I was able to make go through every possible issue for each essay and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Steven's Essay Review Week was also helpful to identify what issues are always clustered together, even if they don't really make sense.

That is helpful because if you don't cluster certain issues together, you fail! Steven is very direct and to the point. I had a lot of faith in Steven during my bar prep, and hiring him gave me peace of mind. I felt confident sitting down on exam day, and I felt I definitely had more "tools in my tool belt" than I had the first time.

I highly recommend Steven to first time takers because nobody wants to take this exam more than once!

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Cut to the chase and hire Steven! Lori Ann Owens, Esq. Thank you so much for your services. Steven Bynum, Esq. I just got the news that my name was on the pass list for July I was so sure I failed the exam because I was not able to even finish my last PT could have used about 10 more minutes.

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But I guess your PT class advice worked wonders because I did pass and am so happy to have spent the money for the PT class. Requires-Because saved my bacon this exam cycle so thank you for that! Thank you so much Steven Harris! Leslie Romero, Esq. I just wanted to let you know that I did pass the bar exam And I am super thankful I took your course!

Your memorization plan and PT course were both an enormous help to me! Please feel free to use my email below on your website! I must say of the three PT courses I have taken one required by my school "Advanced Legal Writing," Themis's lecture, and your course , your class is leaps and bounds ahead of and superior to both of them combined! I finished the last lecture this morning and am so relieved I think the memorization plan is exactly what I needed for these last two weeks. Leslie Romeo, Esq.

Benjamin Klein, Esq. As a practicing attorney that recently relocated to SF from NY, I did not have months to devote to studying before taking the February exam. More like a couple of weeks. Luckily, that was enough. Thanks for the great materials, and your responsiveness throughout the process. Ben -- Benjamin Klein, Esq. Pilar Ferguson, Esq.

I heard about his program from alumni who had previously taken his course. The performance tests and issue spotting in essays were problem areas when I first took the bar in July Steven's Performance Test class seemed like it would be the perfect fit. His method for attacking the performance tests was exactly the help I needed. His advice to make sure to write about issues for each PT was constantly running through my head when I took the exam.

Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq.

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After I registered for the course, he sent me the lectures within a half-hour. Within a week, his technique and words of wisdom put me on the path to success. I passed! Keith Belt, Esq. I was in my last year of law school at San Francisco Law School, and I wanted to get an early start on bar prep. Class exams provided plenty of practice with essay questions, but the PT's are unique, and without any prior exposure to legal writing, I knew they would be a challenge.

Thankfully Steven Harris' PT class not only provided plenty of PT practice, but provided the tools and tips for approaching PT questions efficiently and effectively. Three hours may seem like a long time to write one PT, but I needed every minute, and this class was key in focusing on what was important in the materials, and more importantly what to ignore.

And just as important, eliminating the uncertainty of what to expect on the PT exams, gave me confidence, focus, and mental strength, allowing me to pass the bar the first time. Last but not least, his subject-matter memorization plan helped me to approach the enormous task of memorizing all the black-letter law in a systematic and effective way.

I highly recommend both the class and the written materials for anyone looking to get that extra edge. Steven's PT class was the difference between me failing and passing. I had always assumed that one could not improve performance on the PTs. That you wrote how you wrote, and that was it. I wasn't aware that there were specific things you could do once you opened up the PT to save a lot of time and energy by simply crossing out unnecessary material, and by scanning the library for certain elements of analysis that just popped out most of the time once you knew what to look for.

You can practice many PTs on your own, but if you don't know the tricks of the trade, you're not maximizing your time or your performance. My achilles heel was always organization. Granted, sometimes the examiners make it easy for your by giving you the structure they want you to follow, and sometimes they don't.

But thanks to this PT class, I wasn't spending time freaking out about how to structure my document, and instead I used that time to write an excellent analysis. It didn't matter - I had access to all of the prior lectures, and I passed!

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It's never too late! Highly recommend it. Steven is someone who will help you pass the California bar! Thank you for your help, Steven! Steven's method has helped me to save time and get a simple and structured approach for tackling the essays - ideal when you are a slow typer or not a native speaker like myself. The Performance Test class was also excellent. It was eye opening to learn that a PT is nothing but a scavenger hunt. I really learned what i have never seen anywhere else. I believe this helped me truly understand the structure. Sara Huffman, Esq.

I passed!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support, Steve. Your PT class was truly an integral part of my success. The "other nationally named" bar course I simultaneously took treated PTs as an insignificant portion of the exam and provided almost no helpful instruction. Without your course, I never would have known PT's actually make or break a passing score. The in-depth strategic and substantive information you covered along with your personalized feedback and grading allowed me to improve from very poor, unfinished PTs to strong PTs fully completed with, no joke, 15 minutes to spare on the actual exam.

Dennis Lee, Esq. The lectures were very helpful and the feedback I received from Professor Harris was an essential contributor to passing the July California Bar Exam! During the exam I was able to complete both performance tests to my satisfaction, spell check them, and still had time to spare on both.

I never could have done that prior to taking Steven's PT class and applying the techniques in his Guide. Steven -- Excellent! Thanks for your help! I passed in spite of the computer problems I and dozens of other people had on the first Tuesday PT. Regarding the feedback you attached. Thank you!

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Dear Steven,. In this class, not only did I learn what I was doing wrong but I learned valuable tips to help me generate crucial points that I know allowed me to pass this exam.

The format of your class allowed me to focus on the test even though I was working full time and had a family! Had I known about this class, I would have taken it directly after law school! You gave me the motivation that I needed despite my many failed attempts at this exam!

I can't believe how I had wasted time in the past taking this exam without the aid of these two books. I am going to tell everyone I know taking the Bar about you and your course because I could not have passed this exam without it! Now I can move forward with my life. Thank you!! I passed Feb. Failing simply wasn't an option for me. I would have been out of a job and not be able to support my child.