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Red Fort which has been the centre of many political events in the history of India is one of the famous architectural master pieces like Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid and Jantar Mantar in India.

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A visit to a historical place essay

Red Fort is historically very significant monument. It is a dream in marble, a poem in marble and a symphony in stone. The Taj in its picturesque surroundings presented a wonderful sight. We went into beautiful and peaceful garden. On the either side of the main pathway, there are cypress tree which are evergreen. There are beautiful garden and flower-bearing around this great building. In the middle of the pathway there are rows of fountains.

The Taj stands on raised platform.

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There are four lofty minars on all the four corners of this platform. In the centre stands the mausoleum. It is built of snow- white marble. We saw two graves there. One is in the centre and the other is just near it. The grave in the centre contains the mortal remains of Mumtaz Mahal and the other, those of Shah Jahan.

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Verses from the Holy Quran are written on them. Precious stones of different colours have been fixed on the walls.

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The beauty of this portion cannot be described by words. At the back of the Taj Mahal runs the river Jamuna. The reflection of the white Taj Mahal is still water of the Jamuna on a moon-lit proves a wonder sight. We visited each and every part of this superb piece of art and were deeply impressed by it as a work of profound skill and art.

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It is said that thousands of artists and workers worked for many years to build this monument at a cost of several crores of rupees. The gleaming white marble, the black shadows, the dim light, the silence and the sweet-scented gardens on the moon-lit night made the Taj a sight never to be forgotten. The Taj Mahal has withstood of severities of time and weather through several centuries. It has still preserved its ancient and glory and splendor.